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Road Commander
Road Commander is the latest programmable control system designed and manufactured by Intellitec. The initia...
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Battery Disconnect, 250A in 12V & 24V

The Intellitec engineering team have been in an orderly huddle of late working on a number of new product...

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Public Transport

In 1997 Intellitec launched the first programmable multiplex control system that was put into production by a bus manufacturer. Since those early days, we have supplied many hundreds of thousands of products and systems for this market to various parts of the world including GT Britain, Egypt, China, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. In London a great deal of the famous red double decker buses use the Intellitec multiplex system, some of these buses are operated 23 hours a day, its the same in Hong Kong and in Singapore the reliability of the system is and has to be second to none.  As well as the multiplex system, we also supply many other systems to the public transport market, including PSV Battery Guards, Speach Warning systems, various warning systems and Day Time Running light systems. In the UK & Europe our Partners Intellitec MV Ltd have developed a “ bus in a box “ system for various customers. Intellitec MV Ltd take complete control of the electrical system requirements of the bus builder, under just 1 part No MV provides all harnessing, electronics, software, schematics etc delivered to the bus builder to literally plug in on the production line. This totally deskills the build process and simplifies purchasing dramatically.