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Road Commander
Road Commander is the latest programmable control system designed and manufactured by Intellitec. The initia...
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Battery Disconnect, 250A in 12V & 24V

The Intellitec engineering team have been in an orderly huddle of late working on a number of new product...

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Intellitec have been building DC Motor controls and pump controls for over 25 years. We are probably best known for the controls used In the North American RV industry where we control room slide outs and water pump controls, indeed all the N American RV builders use or have used our Motor & Pump controllers at some point.
We have also designed and manufactured controllers to control power sofas in the conversion van and limousines markets, we have designed controls for a wheel chair retaining arm in the Transit bus market and various lift gate controls for both the UK & North American market. It may surprise some of our customers to know that a large percentage of the buses in London have their doors and disabled access ramps controlled by an Intellitec motor control system, as they are in Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, France and Egypt.